Photography and Videography Services.

Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. We constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.

Video Tape / Cine Film Conversion

If you have old Video Tapes or Cine Films then why not let us convert them to digital files now so that the images dont degrade further. We are the only service in Peterborough providing "Frame by Frame" Scanning of Cine Film which gives by far the best quality of picture compared to other methods

After that its easy to share with your global family & friends on YouTube - bring the memories back to life and preserve them today !. We can do it all & will build your YouTube channel too !

High Resolution Image Scanning

Do you have old photos in albums or slides in boxes or negatives tucked away ?.

Why not let us scan them for you in High resolution so that they can be shared as easily as the photos on your phone, or even better still let us assemble them into a video with Titles & Music

Key Event Videography

Have a key event coming up (Wedding / Party / Meeting) looking for an affordable videographer ?, then look no further. We can use a single, two or even 3 cameras on Tripods to give you multi angle coverage.

Film Making & Video Editing

If you have existing film you would like to assemble into a different order and a movie producing (MP4) then get in touch, we work with existing material as well as new material to produce videos which can be shared via YouTube etc.

Click on the above Picture to see a sample film !

Video & Cine Film Capture

We convert Video tapes (all formats) using Professional Equipment at the highest resolution (720x576) possible. 

Your raw video footage is then adjusted to remove head switching noise & overscan, and cropped to a clean border. 

Further enhancements for corrections to white balance and sharpness are made before a final MP4 file is produced.

For Cine Film we use a digital frame by frame scanner that captures at 1440x1080. 

Once again we crop the picture to preserve as much of each frame as possible, but the image captured by this method is so much more vivid and true to the original colour compared to ANY OTHER method. We add to the ambience by adding music and Titles.

All of our MP4 files (Video & Cine) can be saved to USB / Uploaded to YouTube or even saved to DVD.


Prices from £10 per Video Tape and £15 per 50ft Cine Reel - All sizes of Cine Film accommodated.

We can repair Video tapes, clean mould, splice & repair cine film - nothing is too much of a problem to fix but dont forget the images on your tapes and cine film are degrading slowly over time so act sooner rather than later to preserve those precious moments !

An example of Cine Film Frame by Frame Conversion to MP4

An example of VHS Conversion to MP4

Image Scanning.

We use a High Resolution Epson V800 Photo Scanner to transform your slides / negatives and photos into Digital Images, that can either then be viewed as images on your phone / computer or assembled into a slideshow with titles and music, the sky is the limit !.

Expert Videography.

Do you have a Wedding or a Party of even a business meeting that you would like to be recorded ?

Then why not let us take that headache away from you.

We offer a Bronze / Silver and Gold Package for Weddings, and use either a single, two or even 3 cameras covering different angles of any event.

We then assemble the content into a final Video file within a week of the event concluding which can be easily shared with family and friends on YouTube.

Film Making and Video Editing.

Do you have lots of family Video footage that you may have already had digitally converted, or you may have video footage on your phone or laptop that you would like assembling into a single film. 

Then let us do that for you, we can also work with a combination of Photo and Video, or can obtain footage for example from your family and friends at your wedding and produce another short video from you from the participants angle ?.

Perkins Millionth Engine

Several Cine Film reels which had never been seen before were digitally converted and preserved on VHS 25 years ago. We took the Video footage and converted it to MP4, then chopped each reel up into the elements we wanted to use and created this short film marking the occasion 60 years after it took place !.

Queen Street Closure

Perkins Engines history began in Queen Street (Now the site of Queensgate Shopping Centre). Once again this was Cine Film converted to VHS 20+ years ago, and then cut into small pieces within the editing software, music and titles added and then posted to YouTube !

HRH Duke of Gloucester

A short video created using a very simple set up (Camera phone on a monopod) to mark the arrival of HRH The Duke of Gloucester and his visit to Railworld Wildlife Haven in Feb 2020.

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